About Us

Company Overview

Our Environment shapes us, define us, and inspire us. Since 2013, Sae Paing Development has been enriching the community by creating new landmarks for a better Myanmar.

In the past 5 years, Sae Paing Development is established itself as one of the fastest growing real estate development companies in Myanmar. Developing over 2,000 quality homes, commercial spaces, we push forward what our community can be.

Sae Paing vision is to shape modern cities in Myanmar. We are building apart of Myanmar's Community to meet international standards. Through our work we support national development and socio-economic development.

Sae Paing doesn't just build residential and commercial spaces, we build spaces that are sanctuaries.

With the rapid urbanization of Yangon, Yangon is expected to require 1 million housing unit by 2040. Sae Paing is committed to building modern homes and creating new communities. Our Projects integrate culturally familiar layouts to higher standards for today's residents. Our in-house international and local designers in partnership with worldwide international design consultations work toward achieving this goal.

Driven by creativity and innovation, our designs continue to be inspired by our customers and industry peers. Achieving a good building design is more than creating a visually striking, a/an good/ordinary design has the potential to make every day extraordinary. Our innovative design is developed for each unique location and community.

Sae Paing is dedicated to working with you, to provide a home or commercial space through our operational efficiency delivering products in the most cost-effective way possible. This is achieved by careful selection of the best contractors and suppliers, and providing them the tools and mean to do their best for our projects.

We at Sae Paing place great importance on building long-term relationships with our customers. Our customer's way of life will always remain at the heart of what we do. From concept to handing over the keys, we work to deliver everything you need within reach.

Behind every great achievement are great people. Our chairman U Maung Weik has made it a company mission to create jobs, uplifting capacity in all fields. Together with our dedicated employees, collegauges and leaders we are able to combine our experiences, knowledge and strength to continue to be the leading property developer in Myanmar. As a result, the Sae Paing team has create over 11,000 jobs, and has contributed over 20 billion MMK to the community through its corporate social responsibility work.

Sae Paing, a leading property developer in Myanmar. Building with passion, we dream outside of the box for the community of Myanmar.

Our Vision

  • To shape modern cities in Myanmar.


Our Mission

  • To enable economic growth through infrastructure development and to provide solutions that uplift communities to meet international standards.


Our Objectives

  • To support National development and socio-economic development of the country while creating new urban areas and job opportunities.